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We started going elsewhere to define a symbiosis of music and nature. Have a look and join our journal! Our label Elsewhere Records, developed from our project 'Elsewhere tours' in 2018. Back then, we were searching for places in mid nature all over eastern Europe to connect and suit them with music. Different places and different sounds were meant to create a symbioses of nature and music. Let’s start at the very beginning.


Our first set was played in Dresden. On the banks of the Elbe a boat was lying in shallow waters. House music was floating and giving chills

We stayed at our friends at Objekt klein a. A club one can’t search, but find.


The second set took place in the beautiful city of Prague. We joined the early morning and played a set with House and Hiphop elements at the astonishing skaters spot by the Prague-Metronom.

We raved from a club through the nights. Back then when there were no colors


The third set of our tour took place right in the middle of a mountain chain. In the northern Hochschwab, Austria. So we treated those fascinating, unmanageable mountains with spacious and deep techno.


Our fourth set was located right next to the liberty-statue of Budapest. Melodious and chill techno suited this mighty scenery. The beautiful green surrounding in the aisle of buda and pest fitted perfectly with this kind of majestic techno.


Moving on, aiming Montenegro was an 16h drive and sometimes things go wrong and a set, which was meant to be played, never occurred.


But one thing was for sure. Beauty will occur again, even of bigger extent and more monumental. Out of nothing, we were located at a castle with a view of the horizon. It was the southernmost point of Croatia, Kotor.

Calling a ruin of a castle your home didn’t feel familiar, but the people did.

Riding along the coast was great and our daily business, like white vine.

And there were so much reasons do a proper set.


Next up we could aim Dubrovnik, Croatia. This city delivered unique views and imposing chill vibes. We imagined some House with LoFi and acid elements to this beautiful old town and matched visuals with minimal rgb split and noise.

The days went past, but House music didn’t. So our friend Paul took us to this abandoned place near Split. He unified the ocean and the rustic building with some continuous tech house.


So far so good. But one thing was missing. Liquid DnB was essential. We were searching, graving and watching out for the perfect spot. Deep in the Slovania forests, we found it. A water-cave among a river. surrounded by dense green, provided a bridge in between.A cave with floating music.


From the forest, we had to drive through the mountains. Again. On the very top, where italy and austria meets, we found: Goa. Bases were riding along the chains and attracted a storm. Unlikely we could never finish this story.


We escaped down the hill in the valley, where we ran into Frankys. Oh, what lovely Tirol. Oh, what lovely man. He took care of our last location and provided a sport with beautiful surrounding. We imagined some ambient sounds to this astonishing landscape.